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C'ann Inman *Wild and Wicked Author*

Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess Torrid Teasers Vol. 33
Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess Torrid Teasers Vol. 33
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“You’ll grow old, fat, and die alone.” Celine tossed her ebony locks over her shoulder and gave her fair-haired sister her most-pitying stare. “So sad. But you, alas, cannot attract even the most simple of men.”

Kyra glared at Celine, sparks shooting from her amber-colored eyes. “Oh really? You would do well to attract the keeper of the dogs. I’ve heard he has fleas. You should be so lucky.”

Celine looked away, and her shoulders shook. When she turned back to her sister, she held up her hands. “You win. This time.” She snickered. “Fleas. Honestly.”

Kyra grinned. “I thought you would like that. Spur of the moment it was.” She pulled her flaxen locks back into a simple braid and wound it around her head like a sunlit crown. Her skin glowed, and her golden eyes gleamed. “Do you really think Mother and Father speak of us like that?”

Celine shrugged. “There really is no telling what our parents discuss when we are not about. And I, for one, don’t care.” She tucked her glorious black locks under a circlet and growled at the loose tendrils that always escaped. Her pale skin accented the deep blue eyes that now studied her sister.

“I have no wish to marry. Our parents know this.”

“Nor I.” Kyra tossed her head. “We are goddesses. Why do we need some man grasping after us and clinging to our clothes?”

“Why indeed?” Celine shot a glance to her younger sister. “Though you seem to like Kane trailing after you.”

“Jealous?” Kyra arched an eyebrow, and Celine snorted.

“Never. Simply an observation.” She glanced at the sky. “We only have a few hours before our parents call us in for the evening. Let us make the most of it.” Celine closed her hand and opened it slowly. Six metal discs with a crescent moon emblazoned on them shone brightly in her palm.

“We play for honor, sister. Do you accept?”

Kyra closed her hand and opened it to reveal six metal discs with a blazing sun on each one. “I do.”

The sisters disappeared.

* * * *

“They will be the death of me.” King Thane sighed and looked to his wife for sympathy. He found none.

“I suppose you want biddable daughters. Ones who do as you say and never question anything?” She arched a delicate eyebrow, and her golden eyes bore into him.

“And why would I want a biddable woman in my life?” The king snorted. “I would die of shock, my love.”

Queen Ara eyed her husband and fought the laughter. “What grieves you the most? The fact that our daughters are the two most precious beings in this universe or that they have bested every man who approaches them?”


Ara tilted her head to the side. “Maybe it’s not time for our daughters to find mates.”

“Oh, it’s time all right.” The king stood and paced in front of his dais. “It’s past time. Just because they are fairly immortal is no excuse for not marrying and giving me grandchildren. But they are more concerned with their games than finding a man. It pains me.” He threw up his hands. “I need grandchildren. Wee ones to bounce on my knee.”

Thane stroked his beard thoughtfully. “I realize the girls are still learning their roles in the kingdom. Assimilating their duties. Meeting all facets of people. But how are they to rule this land without a partner to lean on? Such as I have you, my love.”

Ara chuckled. “Flatterer. And as for children to bounce on your knee…do not look at me, husband. I’m past my time for childbearing. But maybe we can think of a way to show our children the light.” She looked at her husband slyly. “I believe that Celine will find a mate before Kyra.”

“Bah.” Thane rolled his eyes. “Just because Celine is your favorite does not mean Kyra is without talent.” The king stroked his dark beard again. “Yes. I believe Kyra will find a mate before Celine.”

“Do you now?” Ara’s voice was silky. “A wager then?”

“Aye.” Thane looked at his beautiful wife with a twinkle in his blue eyes. “We might be able to work something out.”

“There must be rules.” Ara plucked a parchment and quill out of thin air. “The wager begins tonight at midnight and ends when Celine marries.”

“Kyra,” the king growled.

“We shall see.”

She began writing.

© C'ann Inman 2005-2008