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Excerpt--Naughty and Nice
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She walked over to the bar and ordered a shot of tequila. Helen always supplied an open bar to her select guest list. The bartender poured it and smiled. She watched the bartender’s sure movements and put him on her short list of men to watch. He was young, tan, and athletic. His brown eyes met hers more than once, and Alana knew he was up for a party.

Alana slammed it down and felt the heat flow through her body. Her nipples tightened, and she arched her back to feel the fabric of her dress rub against them.

The bartender noticed, and ran his thumb along the lip of the shot glass she used. “Care for another?”

“Maybe later.” Alana pursed her lips and blew him a kiss as she slid off the barstool.


Alana turned around at the sexy voice and grinned at her best friend in the whole world.

Helen stood there in an outfit that Cher would have been envious of wearing. Her silvery, blonde hair was pulled back from her face and curled loosely on her head. Her blue eyes were sparkling and outlined with miniature diamonds.

A length of red satin was around Helen’s neck. The satin couldn’t have been more than a couple inches thick. It criss-crossed down her body and over her breasts. The ribbon widened a little as it dipped down between Helen’s legs. Alana glanced down at at the four-inch stilettos Helen was sporting.

“I see you’ve decided to go modest tonight.”

“Darling.” Helen smiled. “Modest is for those who don’t know what they want.” She pulled Alana over to the side and motioned to her dress. “I love this. I’m glad to see you decided to embrace this evening’s festivities.”

“I was almost worried about having too little on.” Alana looked around and scanned the crowd again. “Almost.”

Helen nodded with her head toward the south wall. “See that lovely elf over there?”

Alana searched that side of the club and finally found her. The woman was covered in silver with a jaunty elf hat and silver ball perched on her blonde head. Several Santas and elves surrounded her. “Yes.”

“That’s body paint.”

Alana’s jaw dropped slightly. “Body paint?” She looked again. “You mean she’s not wearing…”

“Anything,” Helen finished for her. “She has a rather large group of admirers.”

Alana threw back her head and laughed. “I’m positively overdressed.”

Helen stepped back and looked at her friend with a critical eye. “You look divine. I’ve noticed more than one Santa looking at you, too. Mingle. You’ll find all sorts of interesting people.” Helen gave a little wave and faded back into the throng of people.

Alana felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. A Santa with sparkling, green eyes looked down at her. He held his hand out. “Care to dance?”

Alana nodded her head. “Love to.”

He led her out onto the dance floor, and she smiled up at him. She had the easy costume. Each one of the men at the party had a full Santa costume on. Pants, boots, beard, and all. Helen kept the air on so all of her Santas were comfortable. Alana was a little cool. Her green-eyed Santa pressed closer to her and let his hands rest on her ass as they danced.

She was swaying back and forth when she felt eyes on her. Alana lifted her head and quickly scanned the crowd. A Santa at the bar was staring at her. She nodded to him and went back to dancing. When the green-eyed Santa finished the song, another Santa took her by the hand and led her back out to the floor.

This one was bolder, and he let his hands trail down the front of her dress and linger at her breasts. Alana moved closer and pressed her body to him.

She glanced around and saw the Santa at the bar watching her every move. Voyeur Santa, she mentally dubbed him. Apparently, he liked to watch. Alana made sure to rub herself against the Santa she danced with. It kept her mind on why she was here. Sex.

Alana was thirsty, and she begged off the next dance to have another drink. She perched on a barstool far away from Voyeur Santa and asked the bartender for another shot. He poured it and placed it in front of her. His hands brushed up against her breasts, and she all but purred.

She slammed down the second shot and felt the warmth blaze through her body. When Alana slid off the barstool, she decided to do a little exploring. None of the Santas here had sparked her interest yet. Maybe she would find one hiding in a corner somewhere.

Most corners were taken by Santas and elves getting to know one another. Alana turned left and walked straight back into an alcove decorated with candy canes. Her eyes adjusted in the semi-darkness, and she gasped at what she saw.

A blonde and brunette elf were kissing passionately against the wall. The brunette elf had her hand up the blonde’s skirt, and Alana felt the moisture between her own legs. When the brunette sank to her knees in front of the blonde, Alana flattened herself up against the wall inside the doorway and watched.

© C'ann Inman 2005-2008