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Crystal Inman* Bestselling Author

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Reviews-Perfect Timing

Crystal Inman has written a beautiful contemporary romance that shows that love knows no time restraints - it can happen at any time or place, but most of all where it is least expected. Rachel’s personality offers reader a tender, compassionate, and true friend. Readers will instantly love her. Kyle is a man that every woman will want; he cooks, cleans, runs to the rescue at the drop of a hat...did I mention that he's easy on the eyes as well? The author has done a tremendous job incorporating an array of emotions that immediately grab the reader and hold them until the last page. It is very rewarding to witness the passion between Kyle and Rachel and the struggles they endure because of it.
With each turn of the page, readers will be left wondering how the story can get any better, only to be pleased to see that it does. Crystal Inman has done an outstanding job creating a sentimental romance sure to please anyone that loves a true love story. Perfect Timing is well worth the time it takes to read it and has earned 5 Angels!
Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews


Crystal Inman’s Perfect Timing is a time travel romance with a charming difference from the others I’ve read. Kyle McClain and Rachel Brooks are never sure they can have what they have began to crave and neither is the reader.
Crystal Inman’s world is truly fascinating, but what she did with her character development is more important. She raised my awareness of me and the people around me, of how special we all are.
That is the gift that Ms Inman's world in Perfect Timing gave me and could give you. There is a skillful use of humor and dialog that keep the pace quick and entertaining. All together this is a great choice for your next romantic purchase.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Yvonne The Romance Studio


Reviewer: Yvonne Murray

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